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1         Companion Quality

2         Breed Quality

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All deposits are non refundable but transferable to another breeding.





Terms of Sale:

I.        All puppies are registered with International Cane Corso Federation (I.C.C.F.) and AKC, and will carry the Wasatch Mountain Cane Corsos name on their registration papers.

II.      Registration papers will be given at time of purchase, unless puppy is of “Pet” quality, in which registration papers will be given after the puppy is spayed/neutered.

III.    Ears, Tails & Dewclaws are included in the purchase price, we do this a courtesy to our customers at no extra charge. It does not change the price of the puppy if you wish to not have your puppy cropped.

IV.   All Wasatch Mountain Cane Corsos puppies are guaranteed to be free of communicable disease at time of sale.

·   Buyer must have puppy examined by a licensed veterinarian within 5 business days of purchase date.

*****Failure to do so will void all guarantees*****

·   Seller accepts no responsibility after 5 business days of purchase date.

·   If a serious health problem is noted during licensed veterinary exam, buyer must submit detailed veterinary examination report to Wasatch Mountain Cane Corsos within 7 business days of examination.

·   Upon verification of veterinary health exam, puppy must be returned to Wasatch Mountain Cane Corsos at buyer’s expense.

·   When available, buyer will be provided with a replacement puppy of same sex, quality, and value.

V.     All Wasatch Mountain Cane Corsos puppies are guaranteed to be free of any birth defects, (including, but not limited to, Crippling Hip Dysplasia) up to 2 years of age.

·   If puppy is suspect or diagnosed with any birth defect, buyer must provide written veterinary diagnosis within 7 days of occurrence.

·   Upon valid claim: Guarantee is void if dog has been Bred!!

o “Pet” quality: Puppy will not be replaced unless condition is life threatening or severely lowers quality of life.

o Pick of Litter and Show/Breed quality: Puppy will be replaced with same sex, quality, and value puppy when

o Available. In addition, owner has the option to keep the original puppy pending verification of spay/neuter and return of ICCF registration papers to Wasatch Mountain Cane Corsos.  Buyer understands and agrees that extensive exercise before the dog is 18 months and mature is strictly prohibited. This includes Jumping in and out of vehicles; excessive stair use, prolonged jogging and any other activities that may cause undo stress to undeveloped joints.






Other Terms and Conditions:


I.         Cherry Eye and Panosteitis (Pano/ Growing Pains) are common in the breed and are non-hereditary. Both consist of a very simple procedure to fix, and are NOT covered by this contract.

II.       No replacements will be given due to problems, which result from buyer’s neglect. If neglect is noted, buyer agrees to return puppy to seller.

III.      Wasatch Mountain Cane Corsos retains the right to visit at anytime to check the dogs welfare should the dog be found mistreated or abused. At which time, Wasatch Mountain Cane Corsos has right of immediate possession of the puppy without reimbursement.

IV.     Buyer agrees to provide yearly veterinarian exams.

1        Puppy should be on food formulated for large breed puppies.

2        Buyer will continue to give thier new pup 1 NuVet Plus wafer every day Which is a tremendous boost to the imune system to prevent skin & coat Problems & defends over 50 major disease including HIP DISPLASIA, This can only be ordered by calling 1-800-474-7044, Your order # is 31120 *** Discontinuing the use of this supplement will void all health & hip Guarantees***

V.   Seller is not responsible for problems with landlords, family members, or allergies. Should such conflict arise, Wasatch Mountain Cane Corsos will assist in a new home placement of puppy.

VI.  Wasatch Mountain Cane Corsos retains first option for the dog should the buyer decide to sell, give away, or euthanize the dog at anytime.

VII.Buyer is responsible for all shipping charges and arrangements.

VIII.   No guarantees are made as to time frame for replacements of puppies.

IX.     Wasatch Mountain Cane Corsos will not be liable for any medical expenses, veterinary fees, or any other expenses related to your Cane Corso Mastiff.

X.   All legal actions, if any, are to take place in the state in which the seller resides.

XI:   Wasatch mountain Cane corsos will not be responsible for any and all legal fees including court costs, attorney fees, small claims fees




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